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Ron-nnesy...Growing up?

The inevitable finally happened. The Lakers knew what to expect when they offered their Trevor Ariza money to the volatile but statistically better Ron Artest. The same Ron Artest responsible for the infamous brawl at the Palace, one of the worst fights in sports history. The same Ron Artest known as Thug Raider, the Queensbridge native that asked for time off to tour and promote his CD, My World. The same Ron Artest that worked at Best Buy his rookie year…to receive a discount?

Mitch Kupchak and the Lakers saw it differently though. They saw it as the same Ron Artest that was an All-Star not too long ago. The same Ron Artest that won Defensive Player of the Year. The SAME Ron Artest that led a depleted Rockets team to seven games against the Lakers last year.

Yeah he’s a little…whats the word, crazy? No, no that can’t be it, cause Ron-Ron’s got a point.

 “I know that’s what they say, but we’re all crazy. When white people have fun, what do they do? They drink and bang their heads and they grab you and go, ‘Come on, Ron! Let’s go!’ I’m like, ‘Now, these mother­------- are crazy!”

It’s easy to judge and point fingers at Artest’s antics and call the man crazy…okay its really easy to judge and point fingers at Artest’s antics and call the man crazy, but you can’t question the man’s heart.

“Certain things aren’t worth your career, but nothing is worth selling your soul for.” The Lakers knew what they were getting when they signed Artest to a long-term deal. A combustible but fiery defensive specialist with some offensive firepower, but also all of his extra baggage, and Artest has yet to fail to deliver both. Recently, Artest sparked controversy saying that he used to drink Hennesy during halftime when he was on the Chicago Bulls. That’s the key word though, used to drink. Now I know, that in itself is nothing to be proud of, but it sure seems like Ron is finally growing up. “I (still) party and have fun, but not like I used to,” admitted the Lakers star.

Prior to the season, Ron recently reached out to the man that threw the beer at him sparking the infamous brawl at the Palace, only to apologize and talk as “friends”…Friends?! You heard me, friends. When asked why, he responded “it’ll be something for people to understand when you fight with one another, you can always become friends, you don’t have to hold a grudge for the remainder of your life…”

Say what you want to say about the man, but he shines in the limelight, and theirs no denying he is one of the most real players to EVER play professional sports. His honesty is unheard of, and shocking, because no one wants to tell you the truth, especially celebrities, who must live perfect lives under the microscopes we watch them under.

 Ron has really flourished and capitalized on his so far small stay in Hollywood, and so have the fans. How can they not? Artest reached out to John Green, the man who threw the beer at him in Detroit, through one of his three Twitter accounts, promising to take the person out to lunch if they gave him John’s number. Artest has given away free tickets to fans, and has even made friends with a family through Twitter.

All this aside, how’s he playing is what it all comes down to. Artest said before the season, if the Lakers don’t win the title this year, “it’s on me.” Well, Phil wants him to shoot more, and with good reason. Sure Artest is averaging five less points since last year, but he is also shooting five less shots as opposed to last year, while also shooting six percent better from the field. He has looked a bit passive, but that is due to his obvious admiration for teamwork, and his desire not to interrupt the already offensively potent Lakers. Artest has been brought in for the obvious reason of defense, and is doing his part. Making sure no single player beats this team, and has led them to a number 1 ranking in defense throughout the league. Ron Artest is a very talented character, but most importantly, everything he says is genuine and real. The man is made for Hollywood, and how the Laker’s script ends up will fall in Artest’s hands, and how he chooses to write it.  

 By: Cyrus Mehrfar, to follow, visit


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