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Get on Point

By: Alex Jimenez

We’re approaching the sixty game benchmark and it seems the same problem that was supposed to be our minor blemish has swelled into quite a rash.

We heard it all pre-season about our twin seven footers, Pau’s emergence on the defensive end last post-season, Andrew’s health allowing him to successfully play off of Pau’s face up game on the blocks, Ron’s outside shooting and perimeter defense adding a needed dynamic, Lamar’s length and unique versatility off the bench, and did I mention the security of having arguably the best basketball player in the game today.

Yet there was still a minor flaw that provided the rest of the league some sort of hope in being the David to our Goliath: defending the point.

Fisher plays serviceable team defense, provides a necessary veteran presence on the court, and occasionally knocks down three pointers, and Farmar offers instant adrenaline off the bench, yet the elephant in the room when addressing their strengths is that neither are quality one on one defenders.

It gets painful at times watching them attempt to play catch up with guards like Ty Lawson, Deron Williams, or Tony Parker who just flash by Fisher and break off Farmar. Concern emerges when there is great likelihood that we will see at least on of the previously mention point guards in the playoffs.

With all of the horse power this team has we all thought it would be inconsequential, yet we are continuously being exposed by smaller, quicker guards that become the catalyst in being our downfall in each and every loss.

I am not exclaiming that it is time to declare “emergency”, nor do I question that we are still the best team in the league, the title will still run through Los Angeles, but had we added a player like Hinrich, Watson, or even Marcus Banks at the trade deadline, it may have helped us Laker faithful sleep better at night if we expect to acquire our second straight, and sixteenth overall purple and gold branded title.

Laker nation, what I am asking is when does a big enough question produce a call to action? I am aware we are over the cap, and it is evident we have enough fire to win the championship again this year. But it sure would have made me more comfortable had an additional desired player been the needed ingredient to develop from a competitive fire into a champion’s inferno.


  1. Hmmmmm. Alex Jimenez. If that's even your real name.... Although I agree with your concern around the LAKERS' point guard position, particularly with regard to how they hold up on the defensive end. I will respectfully disagree with making a move at the trade deadline. The LAKERS' are defending champions and have championship chemistry. Players like LAKERS’ point guard Derek Fisher have demonstrated in the past to be a key component to the championship recipe as well as contributions much like those of Shannon Brown last year. Those contributions are most evident on the offensive end; making big shots, leading the break, & hitting free throws. Not to dismiss the importance of defense in the playoffs, when stops are the most crucial aspect of the game, however individual defense is not the issue. Team defense is of the utmost importance, so sleep easy LAKER Fan (you too Alex J). Because when it matters our point guards; can and do play team defense (well maybe not Farmar). Fisher plays arguably the best team defense on this LAKERS’ squad and in spots Brown is not too shabby. Team defense hinges on communication, savvy, and experience. All qualities of the LAKERS team. Plus, I never heard of Hinrich, Watson, or however that last dude was lockin' anyone down. LAKERS made the right move, which was no move. So did with posting such a promising and opinionated writer. Keep up the goods. LAKERS all the way baby!

  2. Although I agree with your overall sentiment Alex J, I think that the Lakers problems cannot be summed up to simply perimeter defense at the point. On that note however, we should trade Sasha for a bag of basketballs! Pau needs to man up, Lamar needs to be consistent and Kobe needs to close his mouth when he chews his gum…what can you say about Kobe really? Other than perhaps that the Lakers have come to rely too heavily on his last second game winners in games that SHOULD NEVER come down to the last second.

  3. Cindi has a good point - but really, who spells Cindy with an "i"??

  4. The Lakers should Trade Jordan Farmar to the Pacers for thier 10th pick since they want a point guard????What do u think????

  5. As Cindy Sasha, but I would modify the motion this Sasha "or" Luke for Jason Kapono...this would spread the opposing defense and give us a ligit outside threat with Kapono, Blake and Kobe on the floor at the same time, which would open up the middle for Byn and Gasol.... your thoughts?

  6. I'm from Nassau, Bahamas and i'm a fan of the purple 'n gold! I personally think Sasha the so called "machine" needs to step up and do what he was brought in to do and thats to shoot the damn ball, not to fill in a roster space! Put out or be placed on the fastest thing smokin out of L.A along with Mr. no produce Walton! I partially agree with Alex, while there is'nt a call for an emergency, more than too often younger PG's in the leaague are exposing Fish's weakness which is his lack of speed! Seeing that this is the Zen Master final year, Mr. Buss needs to flex his C.E.O muscle and ship DJ MBENGA, WALTON, SASHA and MORRISON in a 4-1 or 4-2 sighn and trade. (4-1) for a player like say.... ATL's High flying Josh Smith or other vicious above the rim finishers like a Gerald Walace, Tayshaun Pince or Andre Iguodala ! If that seems too far fetched a (4-2) including solidified players like Ty Lawson and say.... the Bird Man Chris Anderson from DENVER! I know we made great off-season aquisitions, but Pat Riley showed Mr. Buss up in a Mr. Olympia contest! so front office needs to drive the diger and get rid of sub-par roster spaces and revamp it with youth, raw athletics and talent....we need to 3-peat!!!! The Zen's last go at it, one more time for Fish's he sacrificed to stay put and take a pay cut thumbs up for his loyalty, another milestone for KB24 legacy as the greatest, i want to hear Ron Ron exit speech let's GOOOO LAKERS!!!!!!!

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