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Offseason Success

Going into the offseason the Lakers were faced with a couple of tough decisions to make to their roster. The Lakers had seven free agents including the likes of Derek Fisher and Jordan Farmar. They chose not to bring back Adam Morrison, Josh Powell, DJ Mbenga, and Farmar. That left the Lakers needing to find depth at the point guard position and also a back-up center and forward.

One of the Lakers’ top priorities was to re-sign Derek Fisher, as he provided their team with veteran leadership and championship pedigree. They were able to do just that, signing Fisher to a 3-year deal. Although he had to take a slight pay-cut, Fisher says “"While this may not be the most lucrative contract I've been offered this offseason, it is the most valuable.”

Addressing their need for another point guard, the Lakers brought in Steve Blake, who played for the Portland Trail Blazers and the Los Angeles Clippers the previous year. What they get in Blake is a solid defender, a decent passer, and reliable shooter that can knock down the three-pointer. And in an offensive system like the Triangle, it seems like the perfect fit for the Lakers.

This past week, the Lakers reached deals with forward Matt Barnes and center Theo Ratliff. Barnes, originally, was slated to go to Toronto via sign-and-trade but the deal fell through. An L.A native and UCLA alum, Barnes could have taken more money with the Cleveland Cavaliers but, ultimately chose the Lakers. Barnes provides the Lakers with another solid perimeter defender to go along with Ron Artest and Kobe Bryant. He will also give the bench some much needed production scoring-wise.

Theo Ratliff, a 15-year veteran, is one of the better shot-blockers in the game and can be a serviceable back-up to Pau Gasol and Andrew Bynum. Although it is likely he won’t get much playing time so long as Gasol and Bynum are healthy, it was a good pick-up by the Lakers to give themselves some insurance should Gasol or Bynum get hurt.

As it stands, it looks as though Shannon Brown will be brought back as well, giving the Lakers with 12 players under contract. They will probably sign their two second-round draft picks, Devin Ebanks and Derrick Caracter to round out their roster. Ebanks and Caracter have impressed in the Las Vegas Summer League and while it’s still a bit early to tell, they could make some contributions during the season.

In all, the Lakers brought in the point guard they were looking for and were able to solidify their frontcourt. A solid offseason in my book.

To the readers, what do you all think of the deals made this offseason by the Lakers and do you think a three-peat is very much within reach?

- Sho T.


  1. I would agree that they had a nice off-season, it is great to get Fisher back is he is a required player in my mind. Also I like adding Barnes and Ratliff. I am interested in seeing what Character can do in the NBA, so I hope they give him some garbage time this year.

  2. It is mot great to get fisher back because isnt good he is not good at dunking. And it is not good to have Matt Barnes back and Theo Ratliff. And besides it is not Character it is Caracter.

  3. Fisher's never been good at dunking, what's your point? And the Lakers didn't bring Barnes back, he played for Orlando last season.

  4. Well its good that brown is back he can help defend wade Gasole and bynum will keep Bosh in check and if one gets hurt you still have ratliff.
    now that just leaves James Who's going to defend him when Kobe sits down? i think they should have kept Farmar because they need his speed i like fisher but he cant defend anybody. some might say Artest can defend James but Artest doesn't have the foot speed to keep in front of James all night. i think the Lakers do it for a 3rd time but its going to be tougher this time around

  5. Alright fella's! We all love our Lakers and wish them well for the upcoming season. However things have changed this year. They're will be better competition whether we want to admit it or not. I love keeping D/Fish, acquiring Matt Barnes and Theo Ratliff. I also believe Caracter will be better than some think, and E-Banks looks promising to. My concern is whether or not the Machine is gonna do anything? Sasha needs to show up or get traded! Also, what's really going on with Walton? I love him to death, but he can't hold the team hostage---didn't play much last year and now may be out the whole year?//? I truly believe KOBE AND GASOL benefits from the rest, but I'm concerned about Bynum who showed me some heart---now I need his soul/sole. BOSTON will be better with SHAQ strictly from the big body. Miami will be trouble at the least. Chicago, Oklahoma, Atlanta, Portland, Houston, Orlando, Milwaukee, Dallas, Utah and Denver will make for tougher games. Not allot of gimme's out there anymore. KOBE will be motivated, but I want him to save his minutes for the playoffs, not an MVP RACE. Remember a trade is still possible at the Deadline of the season if the roster needs tweaking, so I would sit pat now unless there is a really good steal that jumps in KUPCHAKS lap. Boston vs L A final unless the Celtics really blow it. I'd much rather see Lakers kick LeBron and Wades Ass all over the court so KOBE can shut everyones mouth for good, but the HEAT are gonna get served in the playoffs folks.

  6. I think the Lakers can win for the third time. They have a good roster, but for me, they should've kept farmar. I think Caracter and Ebanks will do better than others thought they would. Also, Matt Barnes and Steve Blake are a big help in the offense, defense, clutch shots and perimeter shooting for L.A. The Lakers' roster is in shape. LETS GO LAKERS!!! (MY FAVE TEAM)

  7. Thanks for the feedback. Blake and Barnes looking solid so far.